About us

Bayerischer Jugendring (the Bavarian Youth Council or BJR) is the standing conference of youth leagues, youth organisations and youth initiatives in Bavaria. With 103 district and regional youth councils as members, BJR is represented across Bavaria. More than two-thirds of all Bavarian children and adolescents utilise and design the offerings and facilities of youth work organisations. These dedicated young people come to learn what it’s like to be independent, to be accepted and to be valued. And in doing so, they shape their own futures.

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this is what the BJR stands for

All of the members of BJR share a common understanding of the core principles of youth work: being voluntary, non-profit, self-governing and democratic: With this as their foundation, the youth organisations actively participate in the decision-making process of the BJR.  more

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BJR relies on the commitment of its member organisations – youth leagues, youth organisations and youth initiatives – to work in democratically elected committees at all levels. The member organisations represent a broad spectrum of youth services, including faith-based, environmental and cultural organisations as well as sports clubs and scouting groups. more


BJR’s structure reflects the principle of democratic participation and advocacy. Elected delegates participate independently and democratically in the plenary assemblies of the 96 city and regional youth councils, in the committees of the seven district youth councils and at the federal level in the plenary assembly as well as in the state executive board. more

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International network

BJR has international partnerships and collaborations far beyond Bavaria and Germany’s borders. They focus on intercultural exchange to promote peace and understanding – building the foundation for open-minded, compassionate interaction.BJR pursues youth work initiatives with an international scope, advocating for a pan-European youth welfare network, promoting collaboration with international partner organisations to shape youth policy and establishing contacts around the world. more